A new trend I see as I review books is the trend to make the very classics of English literature available for the younger set. There are books featuring ‘The Bard’ available. Chaucer's works get a new treatment for the new set. There is even an updated Beowulf retold and illustrated for children! Wow! I'm glad to see our children get a taste, at an early age, of the very early English classics.

     This book also seeks to bring Shakespeare to a new generation. The book doesn't present any full plays. Rather, it takes select passages from Shakespeare's first Folio. Colorful illustrations accompany the 14 selected passages. The passages retain their Elizabethan language what with the ‘thees’, ‘thous’ and ‘thys.’ This gives the child a sense of the older English without being overwhelmed by pages of said dialect.

     Overall the book is a fine introduction to ‘The Bard’ for small children. Who knows, they might even want to read Shakespeare!


     When it comes to poetry and prose, William Shakespeare is your man. Much of his work is emotional and beautiful. He is thought to be one of the world's great writers.

     "Shakespeare for Children" by Wordwindow is a delightful storybook containing a collection of quotes from William Shakespeare's collected plays known as the
First Folio, which was published in 1623. Wordwindow states that the text in his book is presented exactly as Shakespeare is thought to have written it. Wordwindow collected many pieces from Shakespeare's First Folio and designed their book to be suitable and enjoyable for children today.
     This book would make an excellent addition to any teacher's lesson plans as words or parts of words are highlighted with the intention of emphasizing the syllables, which leads to easier pronunciation. These are words Wordwindow felt "should be spoken with emphasis" where he hopes to "give children a sense of style, and a hint of what it is like to actually perform on stage".
     Shakespeare's quotes include pieces from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Titus Andronicus, The Tempest and more. Children are sure to enjoy the vivid illustrations that adorn each quote/page. This reviewer and her three children thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the works from a poetic genius - Shakespeare. We highly recommend it.

- It's Only Ink!/Picket News